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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Martin gets a surprise

"Aw, I love the fairy dust in your hair, Dad" is what Holly said to Martin last week after he shaved his head. She stroked his head, fascinated by what looked like glitter to her but was in fact grey stubble.

As if Martin needed any reminders of his getting older Sadie has been running a campaign since before Christmas for the best birthday ever for her dad. I'm impressed at how Sadie and Holly have got to grips with what comes when in the year. As soon as Hallowe'en was over they insisted the Christmas tree be put up. As soon as it was up Sadie made sure we all knew there'd be no presents under it until Holly's birthday was over. As soon as Holly's birthday was over Sadie kept us informed at all times of the whereabouts of the Christmas stockings and made sure we knew they had to be hung on Christmas Eve. As soon as Christmas was over Sadie told us that there was going to be a new year and then it would be Daddy's birthday, that we'd need two cakes, one for Daddy and one for her and that there would be a party.

As it turned out we moved Martin's birthday because we were busy on the actual day. We let Sadie
Gathering supplies at their
cousin's party
know it would be on the Saturday. Sadie and Holly's cousin, Ethan, had a birthday party on the Friday and we went along. I didn't realise at the time that Sadie was there on a mission. She liberated all the balloons, streamers, blowers and hats and said to her aunt that she needed them for her dad's party the next day.

The next day Sadie had her self-defence class in the morning. She had told us that after her class we'd be going to get the party stuff. She must have felt she didn't get enough from her cousin's party: She got a banner and party hats (Hello Kitty ones to add to the haul from the day before), Hula Hoops and jellies, a big cake for Martin and two small yellow cakes for her and Holly. She told me that we'd tell Daddy to stay in the living room so we could get the kitchen ready and that I was to let her choose CDs for the dancing after. She and Holly made cards for Martin before they'd let me light the candles and call him in for his 'surprise'....Martin said it was his first ever birthday party!

Just when I was sitting down Sadie said that we'd have to get Daddy's choice of takeaway and I was dispatched to get Chinese. I was absolutely exhausted.

Well, she did it, everything she had planned for so long for her dad's birthday. I've learned a couple of things from her: If you're planning a party try to go to one the day before so you'll get free supplies and if you're getting a birthday cake for someone it's no harm to get one for yourself too.

And I've learned something from Holly: See the fairy dust, not the grey.

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