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Sunday, 10 February 2013

I find the time

Following on from my post on choosing the words 'healing' and 'self' for 2013 from this idea on That Curious Love of Green I received help and encouragement that I could not have predicted.
Out of the blue/the postman's van came a package from Emily who blogs at The Nest which held not just encouragement but, among other treasures, new paints.
I already had paints, lots of them. I had also replaced the ones that needed replacing. But there is something so inspiring about getting a present with tips on how to use it, it made me feel like I was starting something new and exciting. It turned out that I love those paints.  And, as one of the worlds greatest lovers and users of snail mail it was such a thrill to receive a parcel of goodies.

Also out of the blue came the news that Lucy Pearce has a new book, 'The Rainbow Way' coming out in November and that a free e-book preview of it is available. Lucy blogs at Dreaming Aloud. I read and loved her book 'Moods of Motherhood' (this is saying a lot, I am not the best reader) so I signed up for her free e-book.
These are the words that jumped out at me:

  "It is a sacred jouney home: a path of feminine healing of our mothering and creative selves, which will enable us to bloom and flourish into our fullest selves, through an alchemy of our sunshine and showers."

These words meant  a lot to me, they still do but they really hit home when I read them first. I find it so hard to find time for anything that isn't about the children. More than that, I think I needed the therapy of reading this to wipe out the upset of having to wear splints on my hands when I was pregnant with Sadie. I couldn't do anything, including paint. And I didn't even try when my hands went back to their normal size.

I have been painting. And painting and painting and painting.

Sadie and Holly have been drawing and painting dolphins non-stop since they saw the first painting here.
They share a new life goal now as they would far rather paint with my stuff than their own.....
so far they haven't done too much damage.

So, here are a few of my paintings on my path of healing and self.
(Incidentally, I chose these three for this post because they photographed better than others.)


  1. Joanna, these are gorgeous! Stop saying you've no talent right this minute. I particularly love the bottom one - the line where the blue and the yellow meet and the tiny detailed creatures.

    My dad does watercolours and I have quite a few on the walls here. It's such a lovely connection to family to have their art on in your house.

    1. Thank you so much, Maud, of these three that's my favourite too. My parents were always into framing and hanging our (grown up) art, I think it's a really nice connection too.

  2. Wow wow wow, I just LOVE these, I love the colours, and especially love the birds (blue tits are my favourite I think!) these are so beautiful, and the word "sacred" just comes into my mind every time I look at them. I'm so glad you are enjoying the paints, we will have a virtual art exhibition one of these days yet!!

    1. Thanks Emily, it's great to be back painting again. I'm enjoying the paints and am having to guard them with my life!

  3. So glad you've been inspired to start painting again, you really do have a talent: for me, the paintings draw me in, I HAVE to look at them, and they remind me of sunsets and sunrises, both of which I love. Hope to see a lot more of your work xx

    1. Oh that is such a nice compliment, thank you.

  4. These are STUNNING Joanna, what colours, and beauty. Am pinning them right now onto my Art of Soul Pinterest board! Thank you for sharing my words, they look quite wise and insightful when I see them quoted, I must have copied them from somewhere ;) Keep painting. xxx