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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Holly holds onto her hat

When I was preparing Sadie's pink plastic cup for the dishwasher earlier I started laughing at the cup (the look of it. So far I have not tried to have conversations with any kitchen ware. So far.) and at a few things that happened today. Firstly, Sadie has a pink cup and Holly has a yellow one and, mostly, these are the cups they choose to drink from. Whether it's Sadie or Holly who comes looking for a refill they will ask for the other's cup to be filled too. The same goes for when one of them asks for a banana or a yoghurt or anything to eat, Holly will say, "and Sadie too" and vice-versa.

Secondly, Sadie keeps her 'blinging' talents for her own stuff and this is what made me laugh, the way I have become so used to removing twenty or so shiny or glitter stickers from Sadie's cup before I put it in the dishwasher, sometimes I think she couldn't have possibly been able to drink out of it.

I wrote to TnaG a few months back asking for the words to Wonderpets as Gaeilge because they seemed to have the lyrics of every other show available on their website except that one. I not only received a lovely reply and the words but also a package for Sadie and Holly by post a few days later. Pencils, height charts and the girls' favourite, stickers, were enclosed. It's only today that the height charts were used because we have a wooden one up already. Today, Sadie wanted to be measured on the paper ones from TnaG.

So, we stuck the height charts up with a bit of sellotape and the girls took turns being measured. So much fun was had and it was then followed by Sadie and Holly collecting cushions and pillows at top speed in simultaneous bids to be the most pretend tallest by standing on piles of cushions that, of course, would not take on the tower formation that was expected of them.

Arguing broke out, as always. The usual mudslinging ensued. But Sadie had the trump card. Oh how I wish I didn't have to refer to the dinosaur costume saga again (this is now post 3 of recent events, I hope it's just a trilogy) but it is necessary if I expect you to smile a little at what Sadie said to Holly, who was wearing her beloved toy hardhat at the time: "Santa knows a little girl who needs that hat, Holly, it's too small for you now." Game, set, match. Holly accepted that Sadie is taller and that Sadie should get all the cushions and went away quietly, fearing her mother might send her hardhat the same way as her sister's dinosaur costume.

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